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Amore, the Italian word for love, is the sentiment behind this collection. Inspired by the sense of passion that has been experienced by human beings since the dawn of time and the many different forms it manifests as; the love between friends, the love between family, the love between partners and most importantly, the love garnered within oneself. 

We believe that this collection perfectly encapsulates love, wrapped up in a dainty heart - the world renowned symbol of amore.

Share a token of your love to a special somebody in your life with a piece from the Dylan Oaks Amore Collection.

Amore Heart Necklace
From €39.00
    Esme Heart Necklace
    From €32.00
      Amo Heart Necklace
      From €38.00
        Amore Earring
        Regular price €39.00
          Alma Stud Earring
          Regular price €37.00
            Mi Amor Stud Earring
            Regular price €32.00

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