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Birth Blossom Siver Necklace

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Birth Blossom Collection 
Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace and beauty in our Dylan Oaks Birth Blossom
Collection. Each dainty design reflects the unique characteristics associated with the
individual based on the month on which they were born.


  • January Birth Blossom- Tulip

The Tulip is the birth month flower for January. It is the symbol of perfect and true love. They perfectly represent the caring and nurturing nature of those born in January.


  • February Birth Blossom- Babies Breath

Babies Breath is the birth month flower of February. It has a charming and innocent look which resembles a little baby. This flower is synonymous with purity, sincerity and compassion. 


  • March Birth Blossom- Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is the birth month flower of March. Cherry blossoms are an emblem of seeing beauty in the moment. These delicate flowers have a breathtaking and short lived bloom. They represent all the beautiful moments that are fleeting and cherished


  • April Birth Blossom- Daisy

The Daisy is the birth month flower of April. Daisies are the perfect representation of innocence, loyalty and purity. They are thought of as the flower of fresh starts, making it the perfect emblem for anyone taking on a new venture.



  • May Birth Blossom - Lily

Lily is the birth month flower for May. This plant is adorned with tiny delicate bells and has the sweetest smell. It’s name means “return to happiness” and represents all the little things in life that bring us joy.



  • June Birth Blossom - Rose

The Rose is the birth month flower of June. Roses are an amazing example of balance. Soft petals, rigid thorns - roses are an emblem that a beautiful life comes with a balance. Challenging times help us appreciate the sweet moments even more.



  • July Birth Blossom- Lotus

The Lotus is the birth month flower of July. A lotus grows in mud and retreats into it every night. The following morning, it always blooms clean. This flower represents a spiritual awakening and expansion of one’s soul.



  • August Birth Blossom - Poppy

The August birth month flower is the Poppy. Poppies represent celebrating your dreams. They are an emblem of all the hopes and desires you hope to become, achieve, and create in life. Dream on!



  • September Birth Blossom- Peony

Peonies are the birth month flowers representative of September. They are unique in that a single plant will bloom year after year for over 100 years. Every year, you can trust that these beauties will come back in full bloom.



  • October Birth Blossom- Dandelion

Dandelions are the birth month flowers for October.. They are renowned as a symbol for resilience and rebirth. It is also said that they represent the sun's power, good wishes, hope and prosperity.



  • November Birth Blossom- Chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum is the birth month flower of November. These flowers are the latest bloomers of the year! The Chrysanthemum brings us the message that even the beginning of winter can have joy and beauty.



  • December Birth Blossom- Holly

Holly is the birth month flower of December. This plant  is an emblem of strength. It can grow in the hardest of environments and represents the love and dedication to the things that mean the most to you.



Finished with 18 karat gold, silver and rose gold plated elegance, this necklace is the perfect treat for a loved one or a gift to oneself. Take the personalisation process a step further by opting to engrave the back of the pendant with a meaningful symbol, initial or number utilising our signature Dylan Oaks engraving technique.


Characters allowed all uppercase: letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, space, symbols & # - .  and

Each piece is packaged beautifully with our signature Dylan Oaks gift wrap.



All orders are finished with our signature Dylan Oaks gift packaging.


Our jewellery is personally engraved and shipped from our workshop within 48hrs. Deliveries within UK & Ireland take 1-5 business days following shipping and 1-7 business days to Europe. The rest of the world can take from 5-15 business days following shipping (this can vary with pandemic backlogs). Shipping is via standard delivery.

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