The Dylan Oaks Welding Experience

Solid Gold Welded Jewellery

The Experience

The 9ct Solid Gold chains are offered in both yellow and white gold.

Following the measurement process, the chain is tailored and seemlessly welded around your wrist.

Your new Welded Bracelet will not have a clasp and therefore will permanently stay on (until you decide to remove it).

The Process

1. Chain

Choose your solid 9ct Gold chain. Chains are also offered in White Gold.

2. Charm

It is optional to add a charm to your bracelet. These are available in solid gold, diamonds and gemstones and cost €30 per charm.

3. Application

Your professional welding consultant will begin the process of measuring up your wrist and applying the chain. Relax and enjoy the process!

  • Eternal Chain

    EURO: €99

    Materials available:

    9ct Gold & 9ct White Gold


  • Tranquility Chain

    EURO: €199

    Materials available:

    9ct Gold & 9ct White Gold

  • Dylan chain

    EURO: €139

    Materials available:

    9ct Gold & 9ct White Gold


How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment on our website here or in store. You will be able to view the available times and days online. Please check for an email confirmation to ensure it is properly booked. We are excited for your visit.

Do I need to book an appointment?

We advise to book online on our website here prior to your visit. If you do not have a booking prior, we will always still try our best to fit you in. However, we may not always be available to do so. We suggest booking online to avoid disappointment. 

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Please use the link on your confirmation email to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you have any trouble doing so, please contact us.

How many people can a welding appointment accommodate?

You can book as many people as you’d like. Just ensure you state so in your booking and book out the time slots accordingly. This is to ensure we can fit everyone in. It takes around 15 minutes per person. We are excited for you to celebrate your friendships and relationships with us!

Can I gift a welding experience?

Yes! You can purchase a welded experience here with a digital gift card.

How much does it cost?

This depends on which chain you go for and if you decide to add charms. Our welding consultant will guide you through the options prior to pick out your favourite permanent piece. Each chain and charm is priced individually. Our 9k solid gold bracelets start from €99 and our charms are €30 each.

Can I get more than 1 bracelet?

Totally! We love a stack too.

How can I care for my welded bracelet?

  • Take care not to catch your welded bracelet - it will snap. For your safety, we recommend being careful and mindful. If it’s tangled with your hair or other jewellery, we recommend separating it as gently as possible as it will snap if strong tension is applied.
  • Your welded bracelet is 9k solid gold so it will not tarnish. We recommend avoiding strong chemicals like perfumes and creams as it could cause your jewellery to dull over time. To keep or restore your permanent jewellery shine, clean with a soft lint free cloth.
  • Strong chemicals may also weaken your weld and may cause your jewellery to come off. Please note that activities such as swimming can cause this issue. If this happens, bring your chain in and we are happy to reweld your permanent jewellery for you.

What is it made of?

9k solid gold. 

Can I add a charm to my bracelet later?

Yes! To add a charm later, please book a regular appointment. We are excited to get creative with you.

Can I wear my welded bracelet through airport security?

Yes! Our welded bracelets are 9k solid gold and are of fine composition hence you will be fit to move freely through airport security without any issues.

Would I have to remove my bracelet for medical scans or other medical procedures?

Your 9k solid gold welded bracelet should not impact any medical procedures. However, we advise that you consult with your medical professional and follow their guidance. If your bracelet does need to be removed, this can easily be done with a pair of scissors. Alternatively, we can snip it off for you in store and we can reweld it free of charge at any time.

What happens if my bracelet breaks?

Your welded bracelet comes with a lifetime warranty! Just bring the chain back and we can reweld it for you free of charge.

What happens if I’ve lost the bracelet?

Unfortunately if it’s lost we cannot give you another for free. We suggest having another look for it and if you find it, we’d be very happy to reweld it back for you

Can I return or refund my welded bracelet?

Each bracelet is personalised and made to measure for you hence it is not possible to return them for an exchange or refund.

Can I remove my welded bracelet?

If you wish to remove your bracelet, we can do this free of charge.

Alternatively, this can be done with a pair of scissors or nail clippers yourself.

If you wish to reweld it at another time, please keep your bracelet and book an appointment with us to do so.